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COVID updates

Find out what you need to know before visiting our facilities.

Masking continues to be required for staff, Veterans, and visitors while in the high-risk areas listed below, including waiting areas:  

  • Transplant units   
  • Dialysis   
  • Chemotherapy units   
  • ED & urgent care   
  • Open Bay Medical ICUs  
  • SCI and CLC (staff and visitors only)   

Masking also continues to be required:

  • for those with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection or other viral respiratory infection
  • for VA staff during clinical encounters when requested by a Veteran, caregiver or family member

Masking is not universally required in the following locations:

  • Acute inpatient medical/surgical units
  • Acute inpatient mental health units
  • Intensive care units with closed rooms
  • Clinical areas where aerosol generating procedures are performed
  • Laboratories collecting or handling specimens from known or suspected COVID-19 patients (e.g., areas where staff are manipulating cultures from known or suspected COVID-19 patients)
  • Congregate settings and bedded residential settings (e.g., blind rehab, residential mental health, homeless shelters)
  • Outpatient areas where a significant proportion of patients have high-risk for complication

VHA updated its COVID-19 Testing Guidebook and no longer requires routine testing for ambulatory procedures or for Veterans leaving and returning to a closed congregate setting. Surveillance testing for CLC and SCI-D Staff is no longer required in all circumstances.

COVID-19 vaccines

Our main hospital and clinics provide COVID-19 vaccines, Monday through Friday during business hours.  There is no need to make an appointment for a COVID vaccine. 

Visit our vaccine and testing page for more information.