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Monique Burnette

Heart Transplant Program Support Administrator

VA Houston health care

Monique Burnette is our heart transplant program support administrator.

She may be the first point of contact for you and your local doctors to coordinate services at MEDVAMC. She will schedule your workup tests, educational meetings with transplant team and consultations with doctors. She will inform your upcoming appointments via phone/by mail. She will also contact other hospitals to request for your medical records, so the team has necessary clinical information for patient care.

Monique Burnette has a bachelor's from the University of Houston Downtown. Before working at Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center, her medical background came from working in an animal hospital and as a certified phlebotomist. She worked with the VA for 6 years before becoming a PSA for the transplant department. She worked as a Medical Support Assistant in the Cancer Center, Specialty, Sleep, Eligibility, and Decedent Affairs. Each was a pleasure as “it allowed me to interact with the patients which is always a blast”.

She loves interacting with people, having fun, traveling and learning new things. In addition to meeting people at the VA, she plans on traveling the world with her family while they are still young and healthy.