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Chaplain Services

Anyone can benefit from seeing a chaplain. Meeting with a chaplain is entirely your decision. Decide what feels best for you. If you are admitted to a VA hospital, you should be asked a screening question: “Are there religious practices or spiritual concerns you want the chaplain, your physician, and other health care team members to immediately know about?” If your answer “yes,” a Chaplain will meet with you. If you answer “no” or are just having a routine visit, you can ask to meet with a Chaplain at any time. It is always the Veteran's choice.

Your Chaplain Service staff

Care We Provide as Chaplains

Chaplain coverage is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, particularly in urgent situations or emergencies. Every VA Medical Center (VAMC) has a chapel available for use by all Veterans and their families that represent a broad spectrum of religious traditions. The VA chapel can be used for services, prayer, meditation and quiet contemplation.

We work to: 

  • Serve as part of a patient care team as they make regular rounds to meet with individuals and participate in patient-care conferences alongside nurses and social workers
  • Provide extended and intensive pastoral counseling as an integral part of the treatment program with patients facing complex, ethical, moral, and spiritual issues
  • Participation in Medical Rounds and Patient Care Conferences

Our 3-fold Responsibility to You

  1. To ensure that Veterans (both inpatients and outpatients) receive appropriate spiritual and pastoral care, as desired or requested by the Veteran;
  2. To ensure that all Veteran’s constitutional right to free exercise of religion is protected; and
  3. To protect Veterans from having religion imposed upon them.

As part of the VA health care team, Chaplains are here for you and your family regardless of your religious background or spiritual orientation. We provide the following activities in support of your religious freedoms.

  • Prayer, meditation and reading of holy texts
  • Worship and observance of holy days
  • Blessings and Sacraments to include the Anointing of the Sick
  • Memorial Services and Funerals
  • Holiday Observances

If you have spiritual concerns that have not been addressed, please contact me or have one of the medical staff contact me.

Humble to serve,
Dr. Janice Green, D.Min, BCC Chief, Chaplain Service

Appointments, Phone and Hours


Contact us to schedule, reschedule, or cancel your appointment



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Page 317-310-8553 for Spiritual Care Emergencies.

Chief Chaplain, Janice Green, D. Min, BCC

Phone: 317-988-4187


For questions or concerns, you may also contact Chaplain Service Program Support Assistant 
Corey Jones @ 317-988-4355