COVID-19 3D Printing Program is live

The VHA 3D Printing Network is collaborating with colleagues at FDA to rapidly evaluate 3D printing solutions to meet supply requirements during COVID-19.

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Changing Lives, Saving Lives

VHA Innovation Ecosystem’s mission is to enable the discovery and spread of health care innovations within VHA that exceed expectations, restore hope, and builds trust within the Veteran community.

Working with VA doctors, nurses, Veterans, educators, and private industry from across the country, VHA Innovation Ecosystem is at the forefront of health care innovation.

VHA Innovation Network logo

VHA Innovators Network

Facilitates a culture of innovation through a network of 34 VA medical centers with embedded Innovation Specialists, focused on empowering frontline VHA employees and their ideas and building the workforce of the future. Explore

Diffusion of Excellence logo

Diffusion of Excellence

Identifies, tests, and diffuses innovative, promising practices across VHA through a repeatable process for scaling innovation. Explore

VHA Care and Transformational Initiatives logo

Care and Transformational Initiatives

Builds a collaborative innovation community external to VA with academic, industry, non-profit, and other government partners to co-develop innovative solutions that can meaningfully scale to impact Veteran care. Explore

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VHA Innovation Community

Engages and empowers a broader community of groups within VHA that are engaged in innovation activity and serves as the connective tissue for innovation across VHA. Explore

National Center for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation logo, five gold stars above an eagle with circuitry

National Center for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

Drives meaningful collaborations between VHA and some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology players on scalable emerging health care solutions for Veterans. Explore

VHA State of Innovation: How VHA's culture of innovation is changing Veterans care

VHA is driving innovation forward by building a culture of innovation and empowering employees. Through engaging spotlights, narrative stories, and special features, VHA State of Innovation provides an in-depth look at just how innovation is changing and saving Veterans lives.

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