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Building a Culture of Innovation within VHA

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Changing Lives, Saving Lives

VHA Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE) is the catalyst for enabling the discovery and spread of mission-driven health care innovation to advance care delivery and service that exceeds expectations, restores hope, and builds trust within the Veteran community.

As part of the VHA Office of Discovery, Education, and Affiliate Networks (DEAN), VHA IE leverages the collective power of innovation champions from across VA, academia, and industry to operationalize innovation in the nation’s largest integrated healt hcare system.

Establishing a Foundation for Innovation

VHA IE delivers four critical cornerstones needed to create a foundation for operationalizing innovation in a health care setting

Workforce Capacity to Actualize Innovation:
Investing in VHA employees to give them the tools and skillsets needed to bring innovative ideas to fruition

Resilient Organizational Infrastructure:
Institutionalizing innovation through integrated, systematic, repeatable pathways for change

Innovation-Nurturing Culture:
Shifting the mindset to envision innovation as everyone’s responsibility to improve service delivery and create a better new normal

Strategic External Partnerships and Collaborations :
Innovation cannot be realized in isolation and requires novel, cross-industry partnerships that surface novel ideas and help catalyze a shift in the status-quo

VHA IE delivers four critical cornerstones needed to create a foundation

Delivering Innovation

VHA IE delivers innovative solutions today through four core portfolios

VHA Innovators Network Logo

Facilitates a culture of innovation through a network of 33 VA medical centers with embedded Innovation Specialists who are focused on empowering frontline VHA employees and their ideas and building the workforce of the future

Diffsion of Excellence Logo

Identifies, tests, and diffuses innovate, promising practices across VHA through a repeatable process for scaling innovation

VHA Innovation Community Logo

Aim to foster collaboration between both internal and external partners and select, local VA medical centers to address VHA’s most pressing healthcare challenges

VHA Care & Transformational Initiatives Logo

Builds a collaborative innovation community with academic, industry, non-profit, and other government partners to co-develop innovative solutions that can meaningfully scale to impact Veteran care