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VA Long Beach Nursing Home Rated Top Performer


January 31, 2022

Long Beach , CA — Press Ganey surveyed VA nursing homes nationwide and identified the Community Living Center located at VA Long Beach Healthcare System’s Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center as the top performer on key priorities established for 2021.

In an assisted living community environment, many residents are disabled, chronically ill and less independent. The 2021 survey focused on important areas such as Aides Explanation of Care, Management Receptive to Ideas and Aides Responsive to Ideas.

The Aides Explanation of Care segment evaluated the ability of health aides to deliver important healthcare information to their patients and family members. It is critical that the patient and family understand and are knowledgeable about the plan of care. Crucial care information such as: what will happen, when it will happen, why it will happen, who will make it happen, where it will happen, and how it will happen are needed to ensure a full understanding of the care being delivered. It is also critical that there is a shared understanding of what the desired care goal will be. According to Press Ganey, “Numerous studies have shown that the simple act of providing information is strongly, positively associated with customer experience.” VA Long Beach Community Living Center scored 90% satisfaction on this criterion.

An additional key area VA Long Beach Healthcare System prioritized was Management Receptive to Ideas. This criterion evaluated the perception of staff after having made suggestions and recommendations regarding a resident’s care. Scoring well on this metric is a strong indication that team members actively listen to ideas and recommendations and then followed-up timely on the suggestions that were made. Community Living Center staff fully welcome new ideas and actively involve the family in the resident’s care. VA Long Beach scored an exceptional 91% satisfaction on this metric.

The dedicated VA staff exceeded expectations again in the area of Aides Responsive to Ideas. This criterion evaluates the effort made by the staff to incorporate suggestions in the care plan. If the idea is not feasible or safe, team members are expected to explain why the proposed idea isn’t possible or safe. As residents lose much of their autonomy upon entering a nursing home setting, the restoration of as much decision-making as feasible to the resident is an important goal. VA Long Beach performed exceptionally well and scored 83% satisfaction in this area.

Medical Center Director, Walt Dannenberg, stated he was “incredibly humbled to receive this national recognition.  Our Veterans deserve the absolute best healthcare, and we are steadfast in our efforts to deliver exceptional care to our nation’s heroes. We have an amazing team, and I couldn’t be prouder of our staff and the care we provide.” Of note, VA Long Beach is in the midst of a construction boom and is actively constructing a new 181,000 square-foot, 3 story state-of-the-art Community Living Center. By combining new state of the art facilities with award winning care, VA Long Beach Healthcare System is well on their way to being one of the best healthcare systems in the country.

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