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VA Heath Protection Levels: Low, Medium and High 

Three meters displaying the three VA Health Protection Levels and an arrow filled with a gradient that goes from green to yellow to red, representing the low, medium and high levels of protection

You have been amazing in your flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic – thank you!

We are now moving to the endemic phase. The goal is to provide maximum care to patients while adjusting safety protocols as COVID-19 levels fluctuate up and down in our community.

Starting May 23, we will roll out three VA Health Protection Levels — low, medium, and high — based on the COVID-19 community transmission rate where each of our facilities are located.

  • LOW (green)
    Masks required — Self-screening — Visitors welcome — Physical distance not required
  • MEDIUM (yellow)
    Masks required — Self-screening — Care partners welcome, no other visitors — Physical distance not required
  • HIGH (red)
    Masks required — Screenings at entrance or  Self screening — Care Team: approved visitors only — Physical distance required

Before coming to any of our facilities, please check the current VA Health Protection Level for that facility and correspondent guidance on our website and/or social media. Updates (if any) will be posted on Mondays, and we will also display signage at the entrances.

Please note that areas like ICU, CLC and SCI/D will have more stringent safety protocols.

Thank you for your continued support. 

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