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Martinsburg VAMC takes its residents on virtual vacations

Nurses decorate Serenity House as part first in a series of “virtual” vacations for its residents.
Nurses decorate Serenity House as part of a series of "virtual" vacations for its residents.

Nurses in Martinsburg VA Medical Center Serenity House take Veterans on a virtual trip to Alaska.

The Martinsburg VA Medical Center (VAMC) makes the safety of its Veterans and staff a number one priority. However, they also realize the negative impact that the COVID-19 pandemic can have on its long term care residents who are not able to regularly see their loved ones.

Over the past week, Serenity House – one of the facility’s five community living centers – début the first in a series of “virtual” vacations for its residents. Virtual vacations offer residents the exciting opportunity to travel without leaving the safety of their unit. This week’s destination: Alaska!

“This truly is a team achievement,” said Janene Whitmore, RN, Nurse Manager. “Every shift took a part in this creation for the Veterans who mean so much to them. I am so proud of their effort and think they should be acknowledged.”

The residents have the opportunity to go on a sightseeing tour, complete with a camping trip. The unit’s chefs prepared a special Alaskan-inspired salmon meal and after dinner the Veterans were treated to a virtual fishing excursion in the river.

The most exciting activity of the Alaskan was the Northern Lights Expo, where Veterans one-by-one experienced the “Northern Lights”. As part of their therapy, they were encouraged to paint what they saw. Their paintings and passport photos will be shared with their loved ones.

Stay tuned for more virtual vacations brought to our Veteran residents by the Martinsburg VAMC!

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