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Our Mission is Delivering a Stronger Future by transforming the VA into a modern, high-performing organization that simplifies operations and achieves high-quality service and care for Veterans.
About VA Modernization

VA Modernization is a continuous journey that empowers our Veterans, employees, and partners to:

  • Transform systems to create foundational change
  • Simplify operations to improve customer service
  • Empower people to embrace change
VA Modernization Leadership
Modernization Priorities
Managing Business Change
Achieving Results
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Promoting a culture of modernization.
Contributing to the success of VA priorities and Modernization Initiatives.
Digital Transformation

Delivers superior digital customer service by simplifying the Veteran experience through digital platforms that achieve the highest levels of customer service, effectiveness, and ease of use

Electronic Health Record Modernization
Appeals Modernization
Supply Chain Modernization
Financial Management Business Transformation

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Modernization will enable Veterans
Health Administration to provide
seamless, high-quality, integrated,
and coordinated care, anytime and
anywhere -- for generations to come.


Telehealth in VA helps ensure Veteran patients get the right care in the right place at the right time and aims to make the home the preferred place of care, whenever possible.

Integrated High Reliability Organization (HRO)

VA will lead the way to transform the nation's largest integrated health care system into the largest high-functioning High Reliability Organization (HRO). VA is implementing procedures and protocols that maximize safety and minimize harm, ensuring every patient receives excellent care, every time.

Delivering Integrated Care

VA consistently delivers high-quality health care and customer service. We will restore trust by consistently delivering reliable, quality care; create a learning organization where employees continually improve; and modernize systems by using the tools required to deliver the best care.

Increasing Veterans' Access to Health Care

The MISSION Act strengthens VA's ability to deliver trusted, easy to access, high quality care at VA facilities, virtually through telehealth, and in your community. That means you get the care and services you need, where and when you need them.

Pursuing high-tech health care.
The VA's commitment to cutting-edge technologies takes many forms
and Veterans are already seeing the benefits.
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VA 3D Printing
Emerging innovations in 3D printing are being applied in a variety of areas, including pre-surgical planning, manufacture of hand and foot orthotics, prosthesis prototyping, and more.
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VA Interoperability
VA is creating and implementing a single longitudinal clinical health record, from active duty to Veteran status, to ensure interoperability.
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VA is empowering partners to use its custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to build innovative digital solutions. The Health API, for example, enables developers to allow Veterans to interact with their personal medical data, and the Benefits API allows developers to build tools to help Veterans electronically engage with their claims.
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VA Artificial Intelligence


In other words,

Read what our partners, policymakers,
and Veterans themselves are saying
about the VA's modernized customer

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Content last updated or reviewed on June 25, 2019