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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

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  • Pharmaceuticals (65 I B)
  • Big 4, National Contracts

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  • Standardized National BPA Items
  • Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing Services (621 I)
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies (65 II A)
  • Dental Equipment and Supplies (65 II C)
  • Patient Mobility Devices (65 II F)
  • Invitro Diagnostics, Reagents, Test Kits and Test Sets (65 VII)
  • X-Ray Equipment and Supplies (65 V A)

VA ordering activities seeking to issue a task order against a contract under the 621 I Professional & Allied Health Care Services Schedule program must obtain all appropriate background clearances in compliance with the requirements of VA Directive 0710, Personnel Security and Suitability Program. Information regarding standard background investigations is available in the contractor’s award documentation and approved FSS price lists.