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Student Onboarding

Welcome to the VA NWIHCS Student Onboarding page

To participate in your chosen program at the VA, you will need to complete the following Onboarding requirements. Part 1 should be completed a minimum of 21 days before the start of your rotation. If not completed timely, this may delay or remove entry into your rotation.

Note: All items in bold italics are PDFs  located at the end of this page.

Please work closely with your VA Point of Contact to avoid any unnecessary delays; these department liaisons are available to help and answer your questions.


Part 1 – Required from Student: Start 30-45 days prior to rotation


Fingerprinting – Required for all trainees to obtain computer access.


  • You will need to bring your completed VA Fingerprint form and either a Driver’s License or Passport to your appointment.


  • If you are out-of-town, fingerprints may be taken at another VA.  You will need to request a courtesy fingerprint for Nebraska Western Iowa Health Care System (NWIHCS), 4101 Woolworth Avenue, Omaha, NE 68105.  You will need the following information: Security Officer Identifier (SOI) #VAF5 and Submitting Office Number (SON) #1445. 


  • Please contact your VA POC upon completion.


Online “Mandatory Training for Trainees” – Required for all trainees. 


  • You must create an account in VA’s Talent Management System (TMS) and complete the assigned training in order to obtain computer and patient access.  Follow the directions in the TMS Instructions to access the website, create your account, and complete your training.


  • Your VA Point of Contact should have provided you with the following information:


      • The VA Location being supported.
      • Your Trainee Type and Specialty/Discipline.
      • The VA Point of Contact’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Telephone Number.


  • This is an annual requirement that must be kept current to avoid computer access termination.


VA Forms –  When filling out your VA forms, these instructions must be followed carefully to ensure your paperwork is accepted and not returned for correction:


Instructions for Completing VA Paperwork


These five forms are required for VA Onboarding:

    • Student WOC Letter
    • Application for Health Professions Trainees (VHA 10-2850D)
    • Declaration of Federal Employment (OF-306)
    • Student Appointment Affidavit (SF-61)
    • Sponsor Request Form

Part 2 – VA Internal Processing


Part 3 – Sponsoring for Computer Access and Acquisition of ID Badge


Once the VA Internal Processing is complete, you will be issued computer access codes and an ID badge which affords you access to the building.  These will both be issued to you on your first day of rotation. If your program requires you to have a PIV card, your POC will contact you with further instructions.


Part 4 – CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) Training

If your position requires you to have personal access to CPRS, you will be required to complete the appropriate online training followed by a test, and a face-to-face sign-on session with our CPRS team at the beginning of your rotation. You will receive detailed instructions from your department/service POC on how to fulfill these requirements.  If applicable, the required test must be completed 15 days prior to your CPRS sign-on session.


If you have any general questions, please contact the Education Office contact listed on this page or your department/service point of contact. 



Deb Clear
Program Specialist
Omaha VA, Room 9427