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Receiving care at Naval Hospital Jacksonville

The North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System and Naval Hospital Jacksonville are now partnering to offer inpatient care for Veterans at Naval Hospital Jacksonville. In the past, local Veterans enrolled in VA health care traveled to Malcom Randall or Lake City VA Medical Centers for inpatient stays, or were admitted to private-sector hospitals in Jacksonville. Now, Veterans’ physicians have the primary option to admit and medically transport Veterans to NH Jacksonville for an overnight stay when medically appropriate and capacity exists.

Part of the registration process will be to complete a background check.  To facilitate this, it is recommended to complete the DON Local Population ID Card-Base Access Pass Registration. SECNAV 5512/1 (May 2021) prior to going to the VCC.  (located below)

Naval Hospital Jacksonville (which includes five branch health clinics across Florida and Georgia) serves 175,000 active duty, active duty family members, and retired service members, including 57,000 patients enrolled with a primary care manager. To find out more, visit

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