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The Office of Inspector General Office of Audits and Evaluations (OAE) performs audits and inspections to help ensure that veterans receive the medical care and benefits to which they are entitled. OAE comprises 24 divisions—15 performing audits and reviews; 3 dedicated to claims processing inspections; and 6 support divisions ensuring audit quality, strateigic planning, statistics, external reporting and hotlines, special projects, and administrative support. These divisions are located throughout the nation, with our headquarters office in Washington, DC.

OAE provides independent evaluations of VA's activities in order to ensure the integrity of its programs and operations. OAE Staff perform audits, evaluations, and inspections of VA programs, functions, and facilities. Our highly diversified reviews encompass the areas of program results, economy and efficiency, finance, fraud detection, and compliance. We report on current performance and accountability to foster good program management ensuring effective Government operations. OAE staff review such diverse areas as the delivery of medical care, veterans' eligibility for benefits and benefits administration, resource utilization, financial management, forensic auditing, fraud, and computer security. In addition, staff perform Congress mandated annual reviews of VA's management and oversight of Government purchase cards, conference spending, and analysis and recovery of improper payments.

Audits and evaluations of Veterans Health Administration programs focus on the effectiveness of healthcare delivery for veterans. These audits and evaluations identify opportunities for enhancing management of program operations and provide VA with constructive recommendations to improve healthcare delivery. OAE also performs audits and evaluations of Veterans Benefits Administration programs, focusing on the effectiveness of benefits delivery to veterans, dependents, and survivors. These audits and evaluations identify opportunities for enhancing the management of program operations and provide VA with constructive recommendations to improve the delivery of benefits. OAE also has three specialized teams: one dedicated to the review of VA's contracts from implementation through contract closeout, another team closely scrutinizing VA's financial management and fiscal administration from congressional appropriation through program expenditure, and the third reviews VA’s information technology programs.

The Benefits Inspection Program is part of OAE's efforts to ensure our nation's veterans receive timely and accurate benefits and services. These independent inspections provide recurring oversight of VA Regional Offices (VAROs), focusing on disability compensation claims processing and performance of Veteran Service Center operations. The objectives are to evaluate how well VAROs are accomplishing their mission of providing veterans with convenient access to high quality benefits services; determine if management controls ensure compliance with VA regulations and policies; assist management in achieving program goals; minimize the risk of fraud, waste, and other abuses; and identify and report systemic trends in VARO operations. Benefits Inspections may also examine issues or allegations referred by VA employees, members of Congress, or other stakeholders.