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Disclosure Options When Submitting a Complaint

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I am providing the OIG with my name, and I agree that the VA OIG can disclose my name and other information I provide, if necessary, to ensure my issues are addressed. This level of confidentiality is appropriate for complainants seeking personal relief, such as veterans, dependents, and contractors, or for complainants comfortable being identified if needed regarding concerns involving VA programs and operations.

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I wish to keep my identity confidential, meaning I am providing the OIG my name, but I request that my name not be disclosed outside the OIG. This category is appropriate for complainants who fear reprisal from the VA or other alleged wrongdoers for contacting the OIG.

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I wish to remain anonymous, meaning the OIG will not know my name. If I make this selection, the OIG will not be able to contact me, the OIG may not have enough information to pursue my concern, and I may not be able to find out if a case was opened.

Sensitive Records

VA Employees should not provide any protected health information or personally identifiable information via this submission form. Instead, VA employees should transmit any sensitive information by telephone, secure fax, or registered mail, or contact the hotline for instructions on sending an encrypted email.

Use of Information

For information on routine uses of Hotline complaint information, see the 2019 System of Records Notice for VA OIG Hotline (Complaint Center) Records, which can be accessed from Federal Register Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records.