Oversight Reports

In performing the OIG’s mandated oversight functions, staff conduct audits, reviews, healthcare inspections, and administrative and criminal investigations, to improve VA programs and operations, and to address criminal activity, waste, abuse, and other misconduct. The results of those efforts are published in OIG oversight reports and other published products available on the OIG Reports page.


Audits evaluate the performance and management of VA programs, services, and operations to provide eligible veterans with the benefits and services to which they are entitled. They are meant to improve VA’s effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance with guidelines and mandates, including maintaining appropriate controls to oversee the use of taxpayer dollars. They follow the Government Accountability Office's Government Auditing Standards. View Audits


Similar to audits, reviews assess the performance and management of a program, but they follow the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s, Quality Standards for Inspections and Evaluations. The OIG also publishes summaries of preaward and postaward reviews of VA vendors’ proposals and contracts that are otherwise not released in full due to proprietary and privacy information. View Reviews

Financial Inspections

Financial management inspections are conducted at VA medical facilities to assess selected functions that can place taxpayer dollars at risk, such as large purchases of equipment and supplies. They also examine whether there are appropriate controls and oversight to ensure resources are used effectively. View Financial Inspections

Information Security Inspections

Information Security Inspections help identify whether VA facilities are meeting federal security requirements related to configuration, physical security, monitoring, and access controls. They are conducted at facilities that typically have not been assessed under the annual audit required by the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 or at facilities that previously performed poorly. View Information Security Inspections

Healthcare Hotline Reviews

Healthcare hotline reviews detail the results of both individual inspections related to allegations made to the OIG’s hotline against Veterans Health Administration employees in the discharge of their clinical duties and broader clinical oversight at the systems level to examine the quality of care to veterans. View Healthcare Hotline Reviews

Comprehensive Healthcare Inspection Program (CHIP)

CHIPs focus on key clinical and administrative processes in VA medical facilities and are performed approximately every three years for each facility to help ensure that veterans can promptly receive high-quality care in a safe environment. These inspections have also been expanded to Veterans Integrated Service Network operations. View CHIP Reports

Care in the Community Inspections

Care in the Community (CITC) healthcare inspections also examine key clinical and administrative processes that are associated with providing quality care in VA community-based outpatient clinics and through contracted non-VA care providers. View CITC Inspections

Vet Center Inspection Program (VCIP) Reports

VCIP inspections assess whether veterans are receiving high-quality and timely readjustment counseling services at community-based vet centers. These cyclical inspections focus on vital clinical and administrative areas of operation. View VCIP Reports

National Healthcare Reviews

National healthcare reviews look at VHA programs, activities, or functions to monitor compliance with established criteria and standards, determine quality of care, measure performance, and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and operations at the national level. They may be mandated or requested by Congress or initiated by the OIG. View National Healthcare Reviews

Administrative Investigations

Administrative investigations assess allegations regarding matters that significantly affect the integrity or operations of VA offices, programs, or initiatives, often involving complaints of misconduct or gross mismanagement by senior VA officials. View Administrative Investigations

Criminal and Civil Investigations

Criminal and civil investigations are summarized in the OIG’s monthly highlights to balance the OIG’s commitment to transparency without compromising its ability to carry out its law enforcement duties and without violating federal privacy and information protection laws. In some circumstances, limited information may be summarized in a report. View Monthly Highlights

Internal Investigations

To promote transparency and accountability, the OIG publishes summaries of internal investigations concerning allegations of misconduct by its senior personnel. Summary information released is consistent with applicable privacy laws and regulations. View Internal Investigations

Special Reviews

These reviews address significant events and emergent issues affecting the performance of VA programs and operations. The reports are often the result of collaborations with other OIG directorates or agencies to evaluate matters requiring a multidisciplinary approach. View Special Reviews

Issue Statements

The OIG publishes issue statements to report on lessons learned, information on the progress or challenges of VA’s implementation of specific programs or initiatives, common trends or persistent issues of concern, disclosures of information provided in response to congressional requests, and other timely information useful to VA and its stakeholders. View Issue Statements

Management Advisory Memorandums

The OIG issues these memorandums to VA leaders when exigent circumstances or areas of concern are identified by OIG hotline allegations or through oversight work, particularly when immediate action by VA can help reduce further risk of harm to veterans or significant financial losses. Memorandums are published unless otherwise prohibited from release or to safeguard protected information. View Management Advisory Memorandums

Administrative Summary of Wait Time Investigations

The VA OIG initiated a series of investigations in the wake of a 2014 investigation of the Phoenix VA Health Care System, amid allegations that Veterans Health Administration medical administrative personnel were using unofficial lists or engaging in inappropriate practices to make patient wait times appear shorter. A total of 114 reports were issued.

Benefit Inspections

Benefits Inspections focused on claims processing and Veterans Service Center operations. Inspections followed the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s, Quality Standards for Inspections.

Clinical Assessment Program Reviews

Effective July 1, 2017, the CHIP reviews replaced this prior cyclical oversight of VA healthcare facilities program. These reviews covered many of the same topics as the current CHIP reviews, but without the same emphasis on organizational risks and the role of leadership on facility performance and other enhancements.

Community Based Outpatient Clinic Reviews

These cyclical reviews of community-based outpatient clinics included on-site inspections and document reviews to help assess whether veterans were being consistently provided with safe, high-quality care in accordance with prevailing policies and procedures. They were integrated into the predecessor CHIP program reports as of July 1, 2017.

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