Administrative Summaries of Investigation Regarding Wait Time

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General (OIG), conducted extensive work related to allegations of wait time manipulation after the allegations at the Phoenix VA Health Care System in April 2014. Since that event and through fiscal year 2015, we have received numerous allegations related to wait time manipulation at VA facilities nationwide from veterans, VA employees, and Members of Congress that were investigated by OIG criminal investigators.

As stated at recent Congressional hearings, at this time the OIG has completed more than 100 criminal investigations related to wait time and provided information to VA’s Office of Accountability Review for appropriate action. It has always been our intention to release information regarding the findings of these investigations at a time when doing so would not impede any planned prosecutive or administrative action. OIG will begin a rolling publication of these administrative summaries of investigation by state so that veterans and Congress have a complete picture of the work completed in their state. As other reviews are completed, we intend to post them to this webpage.

You may view and download these administrative summaries of investigation by selecting the appropriate state below to reveal the investigations now complete in each respective state.








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