Report Summary

Title: Review of Alleged Misuse of Resources by VHA’s Strategic Investment Management, Business Architecture Division
Report Number: 15-02586-419 Download
Issue Date: 6/29/2017
VA Office: Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
Report Author: Office of Audits and Evaluations
Report Type: Audit Report
Release Type: Unrestricted

In February 2015, the Office of Inspector General received an anonymous Hotline complaint stating that the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Strategic Investment Management, Business Architecture Division misused Government funds when it purchased Troux Technologies’ Architect software. The complainant also stated that VA had project management and architecture tools available; and therefore the purchase of this software was a duplication of existing software functionality. The OIG conducted this review to determine the merits of the allegations. We did not substantiate the allegation that VHA acquired Troux Technologies’ Architect software. However, VHA procured other Troux Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) tools, including Troux Navigate for a report-creation capability and Troux Insight as a business analysis engine. We did not substantiate the allegation that the purchase of other Troux services was a duplication of existing VA project management and architecture software functionality. At the time of the allegation, VHA was developing EPM capabilities through a contract with Troux Technologies, Inc. Prior to awarding the contract to Troux Technologies, Inc., VHA conducted a review of business activities and identified functionality gaps for portfolio management. VHA’s “Alternatives Analysis Review,” provided several possible vendor solutions to address the gaps, one of which was Troux EPM software. The analysis identified weaknesses within VA existing systems inventory and noted that the current toolset could not provide portfolio management functionality without extensive modification. We conducted a review of VA’s systems inventory and found no EPM capability that met VHA’s requirements. We did not substantiate the allegations. Accordingly, we have no recommendations for improvement. Management concurred with our report and did not provide any comments.