Report Summary

Title: Summary of Internal Investigation Regarding Unauthorized Possession of OIG-Issued Firearm
Report Number: 22-03477-220 Download
Issue Date: 8/4/2022
VA Office:
Report Author: Office of the Counselor
Report Type: Internal Investigation
Release Type: Unrestricted

VA OIG attorney-advisors conducted this internal investigation, which was overseen by the deputy inspector general, following allegations of misconduct by OIG employees, including a former senior executive in the Office of Investigations. The senior executive was found to have possessed an OIG-issued firearm and special agent credentials without authorization after he assumed a deputy position within that office and was no longer a special agent. Other personnel were found to have been aware of these issues but did not take appropriate action. An administrative process was completed as to the personnel still employed with the OIG, along with other associated corrective actions.

To promote transparency and accountability, the OIG publishes summaries of internal investigations concerning allegations of misconduct by its senior personnel. Summary information released is consistent with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

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