Information on the Electronic Redaction System

Some of theVA OIG documents available on this website have content redacted from them. Redaction means that information or content has been deleted or removed as allowed by or required by law. In our documents available via the Internet, redacted content is shown as follows:

·(b)(6)· · · · ·

Historically, documents released to the public primarily have been reports created in Microsoft Word. Word documents can be readily converted into other formats, including HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF. In keeping with E-FOIA, we provide publicly-releaseable copies of selected reports on our web pages in multiple formats whenever possible.

Due to limitations in Microsoft Word, the electronic redactions may cause some changes in the layout or page breaks from the original printed version. Your word processor and printer settings will also impact on the layout and page breaks. The same amount of information is redacted (withheld) from the electronic versions and the printed version available to the public. No additional information is disclosed in any printed version available to the public obtained through a FOIA request. (Our disclaimer for any references to commercial products)

Some content may be in graphical format, such as scanned comments, graphs, or charts. In situations where the graphical format is the only one available, we redacted the information as a graphic. The redaction will appear as a blacked-out area with the exemption appearing either in the margin or next to the redaction.

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