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Centenarian Takes The Gold

Kayaks lined up along the lakeshore. 

National Veterans
Golden Age Games

Future NVGAG

Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 3 - 8, 2018


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Centenarian Takes The Gold

Jack Faust was born in 1911. That in itself is pretty amazing — but add to that his win of two gold medals at this year’s Golden Age Games, and you begin to understand this remarkable centenarian.

“The Games really keep me going,” said Faust, a member of the VA Palo Alto (Calif.) Health Care System team. “I met a young guy at the air rifle competition who thought he was the oldest guy here — at 98. I told him that was pretty impressive, but I had him by two years! Then we had a great time just getting to know each other. When you are this old, getting to know someone takes a long time.”

Faust served twice in the Navy, first in the Yangtze River Patrol (China) from 1928 until 1931, and then in the South Pacific during World War II. In addition to being a painter most his life, he stayed active as a volunteer at the Hayward, Calif., Police Department and VA and served the community as a Mason, an Elk, and a Veteran.

Jack’s athletic career began in 2007 in Houston when he carried the California flag at the Golden Age Games opening ceremony and competed in bowling and checkers against Veterans in the oldest category (80+) who were as much as 16 years younger. Since then, he has won medals in croquet, shuffleboard, and air rifle at Games in Indianapolis, Birmingham, and Des Moines.

We believe that Faust is the only 100-yearold competitor in the Games’ 25-year history. “Life begins at 55,” is one of the mottos of the Games, but Faust’s athletic life began at 96. Just another sign of his hopeful and winning perspective — an attitude that epitomizes these Games.

“To the youngsters competing, I say: better get practicing for St. Louis, because I intend to see you there,” said Faust.