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She Also Served

Kayaks lined up along the lakeshore. 

National Veterans
Golden Age Games

Future NVGAG

Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 3 - 8, 2018


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She Also Served

This year 89 women Veterans are competing in the Golden Age Games. Their service in earlier days has made the choice of a military career easier for women today. Now almost 15 percent of the active military are women and there are over 1.8 million women Veterans.

The most senior female Veteran at the games is Rose Plastik. She served in the Women’s Army Corps from 1943–45. Rose is participating in her third Golden Age Games and said, “This is my life now. The first time I came to the Games I didn’t have to cook, clean or shop. I thought I was in heaven. I meet so many nice people and I enjoy all the friends I make at the Games.”

Pamela Brule served in the Army from 1968–72. This trip to Hawaii is extra special for her — she was stationed here 40 years ago at Fort Shafter. She said, “The base is still there as a historical site. I was married at the church and although it has been torn down, the steeple is still there. The memories began to flood back when I went there.” Brule believes, “just being here and being a good sportsman is just as good as a medal … almost.”

Patricia Sampley served in the Air Force from 1975- 98, including Desert Storm. Regarding her third Golden Age Games she said, “It really has encouraged me to stay fit. I enjoy being around my fellow Veterans and it helps me to stay connected to a part of my past. The Games soothe me and let me know that people care about us as Veterans. I was afraid of water and I overcame that fear to compete in swimming at the Games.”