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Veterans Take a Shot at Bullet Ball

People in wheelchairs playing shuffleboard.

National Veterans
Golden Age Games

Future NVGAG

Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 3 - 8, 2018


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Veterans Take a Shot at Bullet Ball

Veterans playing Bulletball

Growing up in a home with a disabled mother, two St. Louis bothers were taught the importance of playing games and creating different activities that allowed her inclusion. The idea for a “new” game – BulletBall – originated several years ago, but Marc and Charles Griffin began marketing  the tabletop game about five years ago. Their company is Inclusion Sports LLC http://www.inclusionsports.com.* Charles Griffin has been at the Golden Age Games to exhibit the game and allow Veterans an opportunity to play it.

The name of the game is derived from its speed and the ability to target and pinpoint shots  that use small foam balls. It’s played atop a table on a court surface equally divided and designed for play with two people standing or sitting. The height of the table allows for a standard wheelchair to easily maneuver under it. The direct contact, speed and accuracy needed to propel a ball with your forearms and hands makes for a spirited contest. Therapeutic values include eye hand coordination, a physical and cardiovascular workout and self-confidence. There are two versions of the game - a one-on-one competition and a partner version.

Jerry Braun, an Army Veteran from Grovetown, Ga., and her husband William “Bill” Braun, a Marine Corps and Army Veteran, are long time Games participants. Both Veterans are in wheelchairs and receive their health care at the Augusta, Ga. VAMC.

Jerry said the game provided good movement and eye hand coordination. They plan to buy a BulletBall table for use at home. Both said they would welcome BulletBall as a new competition at future Games.

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