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Having a Blast at Trap Shoot

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Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 3 - 8, 2018


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Having a Blast at Trap Shoot

Man preparing to fire a shotgun

 “My name is Dewayne, we’re here at Wincester Shooting Range, and we are literally going to have a blast!”

Trapshooting is the newest Exhibition Game at the Golden Age Games.  It is proving to be a popular addition.

“I love trapshooting, I used to do it in the 80s,” said Charles Miller, 62, of Lebanon VA Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

Since the two days of trapshooting are exhibition events, no medals will be awarded. But that doesn’t mean that competitors will walk away empty handed.

“You will walk away with something, it might not be what you want, but I guarantee you will walk away with something,” said Dewayne Vaughan, National Veterans Golden Age Games Event Coordinator.

Just like in the military, before taking their lane, shooters receive a safety brief.

“At a minimum, you’ll get two rounds.  Relax, and just remember safety; keep your weapon pointed down range.”

Like any good first sergeant, Vaughan continues with a warning about the weather.

“We have plenty of sunscreen, water and towels, it’s going to get hot out there.”

Range officials then called off lane assignments.

“Just like the Army, go this way, go that way, go here, go there,” remarked Lance Jones, 55, of St. Louis, Mo.

“At least we’re having fun and not riding next to tanks,” said Army Veteran LeAnne Hobbs, 60, of Glendale, Ca.

As shooters take their lane, range officials give final instructions.

“Listen up! At all times, keep your weapon pointed down range and until you’re ready, keep your finger off the trigger!” said range safety official Robert Urdley.

As shooters finished their rounds, they file safely off range.

A volunteer asks Hobbs how she did.

“I didn’t get anything but I fired at a whole bunch of them, I had fun!” Hobbs said.