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Rulebook - Shuffleboard

National Veterans Golden Age Games

Event 13: Shuffleboard

Event 13-A: Shuffleboard Wheelchair

Event 13-B: Shuffleboard Visually Impaired

Age Groups

Men and Women Compete Together

  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75-79
  • 80-84
  • 85-up


The National Veterans Golden Age Games host will provide standard and adaptive shuffleboard discs and cues. Competitors may use their own cue if deter­mined to be of regulation type by the event official. Only discs provided by the host may be used.

Other Equipment: score sheets, drinking water and first aid kit.


Any appropriate area designated for the event by the National Veterans Golden Age Games host. The shuffleboard court should be laid out in a manner as close as possible to that described in the following rules. The host will provide a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 shuffleboard courts for this competition. If possible, one court, separate from the competition, should be set aside for photographs.


The competition will be set up in a single elimination tour­nament format. Whenever possible, competitors from the same medical center will not be matched against each other in first round matches. All matches will be played in six innings. Highest point score will determine the winner. Third place game will match the two losers of the two semi-final games against each other.


Rule 1:00 Game

Section l
The game of shuffleboard will be played by using the singles format. Two competitors will com­pete against each other in a match. Two matches may be played on the same court if needed to speed play, with the two matches having competitors’ alternate sides of the court.
Section 2
The object of the game is to propel discs by means of a cue to a scoring diagram at opposite end of court--to score points, to prevent opponent from scoring, or both.

Rule 2:00 Court

Section 1
The court shall measure 52 feet in length and 6 feet in width (it may be adapted by event official if needed, based on availability of space). The play­ing surface shall be concrete or Terrazzo or any appropriate surface as selected by the National Veterans Golden Age Games host.
Section 1A
Wheelchair Division- The National Official organizing the compe­tition has the option of moving the foul lines closer to allow wheelchair competitors a shorter court. The court will be the same for both/all competitors in each age group. The allowable distance for wheelchair foul line on a standard 52 foot court shall be 7 feet 6 inches) in front of a standard foul line or 13 feet in front of base line.
Section 2
The court shall be marked according to the official Shuffleboard rules. The separation triangle in the l0-Off area is 3 inches at base running to a point in the direction of the scoring area. The outline of the legs of this triangle shall be 1/4 inch in width with a clearance of 1/2 inch at the point and base of this triangle from the l0-Off area lines. The base of the triangle is not marked. The base lines of the scoring areas shall be extend­ed to adjoining courts, or to about 18 inches beyond the side of the court.
Section 3
One end of court shall be designated as head of court; the opposite end as foot of court. All games shall start at head of court.

Rule 3:00 Equipment

Section l
Discs shall be made of composition not less than 9/16 inch and not more than 1 inch in thickness, 6 inches in diameter, and not less than 11 1/2 ounces in weight. New discs shall weigh 15 ounces. Four discs shall be colored yellow, four gray. These eight discs comprise a set. Care should be taken that all discs in a set shall be uniform in weight and thickness.
Section 1-VI
Bright colored discs will be used for the visually impaired. (New for 2012) VI competitors are permitted to use their own spotting scopes however need approval by National Official.
Section 2
The cue shall not have an overall length of more than (6 feet 3 inches). No metal parts on cue shall touch playing surface of court.
Section 3
Competitors shall not be required to play with discs, new or old, that are not in a satisfactory condition. Good discs will replace defective discs, if avail­able. Any change of discs must be made before shooting for color choice.

Rule 4:00 Playing the Game

Section l
Competitors will be allowed three practice shots prior to determining color choice. Choice of color is determined by each competitor playing one disc to the farthest dead line. Yellow shoots first to the far dead line, then gray. The competitor whose disc is closest to the far dead line (on either side of the line) will have choice of color to begin the match. If the second disc (gray) touches or moves the first disc (yellow) then choice of color belongs to the competitor who shot the yellow disc.
Section 2
To start the game, competitors will place their disc within and not touching any lines in their respective starting area. The starting area is that section of the base of the playing area marked "10-off." Competitor’s discs may touch the lines while they are preparing to play that disc. Yellow shall always be played from the right side of the head of court and left side of foot of court. Gray shall always be played from the left side of the court. Yellow begins the first round; competitors then alternate shots (one yellow, then one gray) until all four discs of each competitor are played. Gray begins the second round. Play continues with the lead changing colors every round. Note: Players must initiate the shot from their respective side of the court (yellow from the right, black from the left). In the act of shooting, it is permissible for the player to cross the center line. Players may not however, begin their shot from their opponent's side of the court - Penalty: 5 points off.
Section 3
Competitors may stand behind the base line extension or in the alley between courts, before or while shooting, but not on an adjoining court. Competitors may not step on the playing (scoring) area of the court while executing a shot. Errors in color lead shall be corrected if discovered before one-half round is played. If an error has occurred in color lead before one-half round is played, the round will be played over. If discovered after one-half round has been played, play will continue in the order at the beginning of the round in error. Color lead to start the next round will be correct for that round. For example if yellow began the round in error and it was not discovered before one-half round was played, yellow will begin the next round.
Section 4 (New for 2012)
Wheelchair competitors will follow all guidelines in Rule 4.00 with the exception that they will shoot two discs before alternating shots with other competitor.

Rule 5:00 Scoring

Section l
A shuffleboard court has one l0-point area; two 8-point areas; two 7-point areas and one l0-off area.
Section 2: After both competitors have shot their 4 discs, score all discs that are within and not touching lines in the point areas of the court.
Section 3
Winner of each game will be the person scoring the highest points at the end of six innings.
Section 4
If a tie score results at game point or over, a complete inning will be played and score totaled. If score is still tied, play continues in complete innings until a winner is declared.

Rule 6:00 Fouls and Penalties

Section l
No hesitation or hook shots allowed; for­ward motion of disc must be continuous. Penalty: offender's disc removed and opponent credited with score of any discs replaced.
Section 2
Competitors shall not stand in the way of, or have cue in the way of, or interfere with opponent while he/she is executing a play. Penalty: 5 points off.
Section 3
Competitors must not leave court without per­mission. Penalty: 5 points off.
Section 4
Competitors shall not touch live discs at any time. Penalty: 5 points off.
Section 5
Competitors must not talk or make remarks to disconcert opponent's play. Penalty: 10 points off.
Section 6
A disc or discs returning or remaining on the court after having struck any object other than a live disc shall be removed before further play. It is called a dead disc. If a dead disc moves or displaces a live disc, that half round will be played over.
Section 7
A disc which stops in the area between the starting area and the farthest dead line is dead, and shall be removed before any further play. If a disc touches the far dead line on either side, it is a live disc and remains in play.
Section 8
Competitors shooting before opponent's disc comes to rest will result in a 10 point penalty and the offender's disc removed, and opponent credited with any discs displaced.

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