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Google VetNet Career Week 2021

Google’s Veterans Network, VetNet, is hosting the Google VetNet Career Week, a virtual three-day event offering veterans, military spouses, and service members the tools, support, and advice needed to advance careers. The three days will include panels diving deep into specific functions and industries, exclusive fireside chats between C-level leaders from Google and external companies, and hands-on training including 1:1 personal resume reviews with Googlers. See the full schedule here.

Thursday, Jun 24, 2021
12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST


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12:00PM-5:00PM EDT

Resume Reviews & Informational Chats

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12:00PM-3:00PM EDT

"Navigating Next Workshop" - Powered by Shift

Whether you’re a veteran feeling adrift or in the midst of leaving the military, figuring out what’s next can be challenging and stressful. Join us and take a step back to reflect on how your service fits into the broader arc of your life path. During this three-hour workshop you'll have the opportunity to discover your energizers and constraints, brainstorm new life paths, reality test your ideas, practice telling your story, and win advocates along the way.

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3:00PM-4:00PM EDT

"Google's Career Certificates" Information Session

If you're looking to jump start your transition, PCS-proof your career as a military spouse, or make a career change, the Google Career Certificates provide an opportunity for you to improve your economic opportunity. If you're interested in a career in IT, UX, Project Management, or Data Analytics, please stop by!

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4:00PM-5:00PM EDT

Procter & Gamble Learning Session: Transitioning from the Military to the Civilian Sector

Veterans who have successfully made the transition will share perspective on how to prepare for the transition, how to effectively engage recruiters, and tips and tricks to enable a fast start-up as you begin a new civilian career.  The session will include 30 minutes for Q&A after the formal presentation.

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5:00PM-6:00PM EDT

Free Learning Session: Cybersecurity Engineering in Gaming (Red vs Blue at Activision Blizzard King)

The Security Team at Blizzard will discuss two career paths in cybersecurity which, when partnered together, are powerful security agents against miscreants. The defensive path (blue team) focuses on detection and alerting while the offensive (red team) focuses on emulating malicious hacker behavior to make sure the blue team can detect and prevent. The talk will also include information related to getting into both fields, relevant formal and informal study paths, and what makes a candidate stand out.

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