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Leesburg, Virginia Community Veterans Engagement Board


The Community Veterans Engagement Board (CVEB) model enables Veterans, Service members, Military Families, Veteran advocates, community service providers, and stakeholders to have a collective voice in identifying their community goals.

Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020
8:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. ET

1 Harrison St SE

Leesburg , VA



This event already happened.

The role of the CVEB as it relates to outreach is this:

  • To communicate with outreach programs and understand their goals
  • To participate in local events
  • To be a known partners within the community
  • To host events, training, town-halls, and seminars
  • To meet with leaders and key officials in the local community
  • To promote/support VA services/events/programs
  • To identify/develop mechanisms to reach veterans (different demographics may prefer different mechanisms, such as social media, hard copy newsletters, flyers at local VA clinics, email distribution lists through VSOs, etc.) so that the full range of veterans in the local community can be reached
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