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Convergence Center (VC2)

The Convergence Center (VC2) brings together diverse resources, expertise, and technologies to support our staff in the development and introduction of the best and most advanced health care for Veterans.


Our mission and vision

The broader mission is that together, we can build the health care system of the future, and have a broad positive impact across VA and beyond.

Our new center incorporates local and national teams that are focused on enhancing health care:

  • Innovation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Informatics, and
  • Simulation

Designed to break down barriers and act as a catalyst, VC2 includes expertise in innovation, modernization, advanced analytics, diagnostics, informatics, simulation, external collaborations, as well as cutting-edge technology such as wearables, sensors, haptics, 5G, cloud computing, AR, VR, 3DP, digital twin, and robotics.

VC2 sections