Building a single unified digital experience for all veterans.

The Challenge

  • 1000+ websites
  • 956 1-800 numbers
  • 42 Call Centers
  • 220 Databases

Today, the VA customer experience is fragmented, frustrating and confusing. Customers can’t find the information they need when they need it.

But their wants are simple. They desire:

  • Useful information that’s clearly written and presented, and;
  • Tools that are easy to find and use.

The new intends to deliver both.

Our Goals

  • Unifying and simplifying VA’s digital touch points, dramatically improving customer experience
  • Meeting customer need on the first try, on any device
  • Creating a mobile-first platform
  • Retooling existing applications and designing new end-to-end experiences, in partnership with business owners across VA
  • Providing transparency about our methods and processes

Design Principles

  1. Understand human need: design for people, rather than VA’s systems
  2. Assume every visitor is new
  3. Speak clearly, respectfully and directly
  4. Help people reach their goals every time
  5. Connect with customers. Create opportunities for feedback and dialog
  6. Research, observe, test and continuously improve
  7. Measure what matters
  8. Be device agnostic
  9. Employ modern development practices – be agile