Components are page level design elements that help visitors navigate, scan, and understand information. For further guidance visit the U.S. Web design standards.



Breadcrumb links appear in the header of each content page to help visitor navigate and keep track of their location.

breadcrumbs component rendering example
Card Navigation

Card style navigation is used on topic landing pages to indicate major content areas.

card-navigation component rendering example
List Navigation

List navigation links to tertiary and quaternary pages.

breadcrumbs component rendering example
Quick Links

Quick links are used to callout key content or actions for easy access.

quick-links component rendering example

The footer provides site navigation and key external links.

footer component rendering example

Page Elements

Callout Box

Callout boxes are used to highlight content areas and make pages easier to scan.

callout-box component rendering example
Definition Block

Definition blocks help users to quickly identify information that is relevant to them and provide links to more detailed information.

definition-block component rendering example

Lists can be used to decrease content density and organize information. They can be ordered or unordered.

list component rendering example
Process List

The process is an ordered list variation and helps to parse complex tasks into step-by-step instructions.

process-list component rendering example