Migration Strategy

The vets.gov mission is to bring all veteran focused sites and services into a single unified experience. We are working collaboratively across the organization to make this migration to the platform possible. The process will begin immediately following the beta release of vets.gov in November 2015.

The vets.gov team will conduct bi-weekly “vets.gov 101” sessions starting in November 2015 to provide information to internal VA stakeholders about the Vets.gov platform and the migration process.

Please email vets.gov-team@va.govto be added to a session.

The overall migration will be prioritized into waves in order to take a repeatable and scalable approach that will expedite the migration process and minimize risk:

  • Wave 1: content only; no PII / no PHI
  • Wave 2: content and services (including forms) PII (low complexity)
  • Wave 3: content and services; PII and PHI
  • Wave 4: content and services: PHI (high complexity)

  1. VA stakeholders will attend a bi-weekly “vets.gov 101” session. This is the first step in the migration process. During the session, the vets.gov team will provide an overview of the project and migration process, review existing tools (e.g., vets.gov Style Guide), answer any questions, and provide a migration questionnaire (link to an online form).

  2. VA stakeholders fill out the online form that is submitted to the vets.gov team for review.

  3. The vets.gov team will review the questionnaire and determine if it is in the scope of vets.gov. (Note: corporate content such as press releases, executive bios, press releases, reports, etc. will continue to reside on VA.gov.)

  4. If a request appears out of scope, the vets.gov team will contact the submitting stakeholder to confirm this.

  5. The vets.gov team will contact the stakeholder to set up a working session to discuss next steps and determine which wave the site or service fits within. This a collaborative process and VA stakeholders will help determine when to schedule migration activities.

  6. Step 6a:

    If a site/service is determined as a wave 1 or 2, then the team will begin the defined vets.gov product development process. [link]

    Step 6b.

    If a site/service qualifies as waves 3 or 4 additional planning and technical due diligence will be required. The vets.gov team will work collaboratively with VA stakeholders to develop a planning schedule.

  7. Wave 3 and 4 projects begin the defined vets.gov product development [link] process after the completion of planning ad technical due diligence.