Our Platform

The platform ensures customers and those building experiences for customers have a consistent experience. It holds to high standards, utilizing the best in design research and technology.

Services and Infrastructure

Our platform provides central services, including:

  • Secure accounts
  • Robust analytics
  • Visual design assets
  • UX Pattern System

These applications (apps) are well scoped and grouped by category. Using employment as an example, you’ll find apps for searching for jobs, posting a profile, and translating military service into civilian skills.

Apps are created by internal teams, contractors, or others, such as the VERC or 18F. All will benefit from our platform’s infrastructure in delivering improved functionality to customers more quickly. They’ll be able to do so without sacrificing quality, security, or privacy. New apps may be designed and sponsored by a business office, a VA administration, or in certain cases by the VE and/or DSE team. Our platform was built and is maintained internally within VA. It’s run by the VA Digital Service.


To be included in our platform, apps must meet rigorous standards. They need to be 508-compliant and adhere to automated test and code review standards. In some cases, a legacy system will simply not make the cut.

Unified Branding

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced in January, 2015, that VA would transition its many websites to a single site — vets.gov — with the goal of creating a unified web experience for Veterans and their families. The vets.gov branding model will replace previously existing branding of VA Web content and programs when they become part of vets.gov.

Levels of Complexity

The vets.gov platform will include features ranging from basic instructional content to personalized applications.

More to come very soon!