Step 1: Product Definition

A plan of the project’s key components. This should include a description of the current environment.

  • Define Project Plan
  • Signed MOU
  • Project Team POC
  • VA Business Owner
  • VA Product Lead
  • Project Team POC
  • VA Business Owner
  • VA Product Lead
  • VA SMEs
VA Stakeholder Engagement
  • Complete initial migration assessment
  • Identify VA team roles as defined in the project Memo of Understanding (MOU)
  • Work collaboratively with the team on any required MOU customizations specific to the project
  • Validated Project Memo of Understanding (MOU)
  • Define project goals
  • Define scope
  • Create initial timeline including known deadlines
  • Identify resources, allocations and budget
  • Identify needed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Define and assign roles
  • Identify final decision makers
  • Outline current technical environment and platform dependencies
  • Create a project plan
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