Step 2: Kickoff

The kickoff meeting is conducted after completion of project definition and brings together the entire project team. It creates alignment and shared understanding of the project’s goals, scope, milestones, roles and responsibilities. It builds on the project definition phase by eliciting known business requirements, user needs and technical platform dependencies.

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Draft Project Plan
  • Project Team POC
  • VA Business Owner
  • VA Product Lead
  • VA kickoff attendees identified by VA Business Owner
  • Project Team POC
  • Design Team
  • Engineering Team
  • VA Business SMEs
  • VA Technical SMEs (as needed)
VA Stakeholder Engagement
  • Ensure the right people attend the kickoff meeting given the agenda
  • Work collaboratively with the team to prepare for the kickoff
  • Assemble entire team. (Invite subject matter experts, when relevant.)
  • Review project goals, timeline and definitions. Adjust as needed.
  • Develop sprint cycle plan
  • Review known business requirements.
  • Review known user needs
  • Review known technical and platform dependencies
  • Identify constraints and risks
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