Step 6: Pre-flight

The preflight check ensures critical 508 accessibility and transparency requirements have been met and that business sign-off has occurred before the product is public.


Go live ready product version

  • Technical Lead
  • Project Team POC
  • VA Product Lead
  • VA Business Owner
  • Design Team
  • Engineering Team
  • Content Strategist
  • Help Desk POC
  • VA Call Center POC
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Validate requirements have been met / accept the product
  • All pages tracked through Google Analytics
  • Performance testing
  • Integration testing
  • Content concurrence process has been completed
  • 508 compliance testing
  • Code is open-sourced
  • 100% passing code test coverage
  • Implementation of clear customer feedback mechanism
  • Launch communication plan
  • Development of launch communications (e.g., blogs, announcements, etc.)
  • Prepare helpdesk and VA call center information to support launch and ongoing operations
  • Develop sunset strategy for legacy technology
  • Confirm coordination activities with VA Call Center, Help Desk, and other support processes are complete
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