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My HealtheVet FAQs

Get answers to questions you may have about your My HealtheVet account.

What if I forgot my My HealtheVet user ID or password?

You can go to the My HealtheVet website to find out how to retrieve your user ID

and reset your password

What if I need help using My HealtheVet?

If you have questions about how to use My HealtheVet to communicate with your health care team, manage your appointments and health records, or refill prescriptions, you can contact My HealtheVet.

You can also get help from a My HealtheVet coordinator at a VA medical center near you. Find your nearest VA medical center using our location search tool. Select “VA health” for facility type.

Why does My HealtheVet say my registration info doesn't match VA's?

This message appears when you:

  • Don't check one of the checkboxes (“VA Patient” or "service member") to identify yourself in the section of the registration page called Relationship to VA, and 
  • Enter personal information (first and last name, Social Security number, or date of birth) that doesn’t match what's in your VA record

Try entering your information again exactly how it appears in your VA record. Be sure you're not using a nickname or alias. And before you enter your Social Security number and password, click the Show button so you can see what you're typing. 

If you’re still getting a message that your information doesn't match, please create an account. Then, go to My HealtheVet and sign in with

If you need help, contact My HealtheVet.

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