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Mindfulness Center Veteran Education

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all Mindfulness Center Groups are being held virtually. We look forward to seeing you again in-person once it is safe to do so.

Veterans Groups and Retreats

Please contact Dr. Lisa Rambaldo for enrollment into any of the following Mindfulness Center programs 801-582-1565, ext. 3100.

Orientation Group (best starting place)

This group is a single session and lasts between 60 to 75-minutes. It is highly recommended for anyone new to the Mindfulness Center, whether you are new to mindfulness or are a mindfulness practitioner. The goal of this group is to introduce you to mindfulness in concept and practice, as well as provide an overview of the Mindfulness Center offerings. By the end of this class you will have an understanding of what mindfulness is, experience of one mindfulness practice, and an MC wellness plan.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) ( eight weeks)

MBSR is the foundational mindfulness training that was introduced into wellness medicine in 1979 and has influenced the development of all Mindfulness Based trainings and interventions since that time.  Over the course of eight weeks you will learn foundational mindfulness practices including breath awareness, body scan, and mindful movement which will give you the skills to bring mindfulness to all aspects of your daily life.  MBSR is considered good for the “full catastrophe of living” course which means it is helpful to all of us for any reason—be it managing daily stress, managing chronic pain, issues with sleep, wanting to be more present, wanting to connect with pleasantness, or wanting to be less reactive to our own thoughts or moods.   MBSR also provides an overview of “attitudinal stances” that support living mindfully including an attitude of non-judgement, acceptance, letting-go and patience. 

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) (eight weeks)

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an 8-week group in which participants will learn mindfulness with a major focus on compassion (both self-compassion and compassion for others). Many people find that they are incredibly hard on themselves and self-critical, especially during times of struggle. Over the course of this group, you will practice turning toward difficult thoughts and feelings with a spirit of openness, curiosity, compassion, and kindness – recognizing that as a human being, you too are worthy of compassion. Research has shown this group to be helpful with stress and general well-being, and it can also be helpful in working with specific difficult emotions, such as guilt and shame.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) (eight weeks)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an eight-week group in which you will learn various practices of mindfulness and how these practices relate to your well-being. Originally, MBCT was developed to help with prevention and relapse of depression; however, research in our own Mindfulness Center has revealed it to also be helpful with difficulties related to anxiety, PTSD, and general well-being. The main focus of MBCT is to bring a non-judgmental, present moment awareness to your automatic thought patterns that typically occur in the context of low mood and begin to “shift” into a different mode of being that creates space for you to mindfully choose how to best take care of yourself in everyday life.

Mindfulness for Couples (eight weeks)

Intimate relationships inevitably bring their own unique challenges and stressors. While managing stress and strengthening coping skills are important on an individual basis, working with your partner on how to face challenges together can enhance the relationship and increase overall satisfaction. In this group, participants will attend as a couple and deepen their mindfulness practice together. Mindfulness offers a way to connect with what’s present, to be open and accepting, and to reduce judgment and reactivity – all of which, when applied to relationships, can increase the connection between partners. Couples in this group will learn core mindfulness practices and apply them to the context of their relationship. 

MB SAVOR  (eight weeks)

MB SAVOR is a mindfulness-based eating program that brings awareness to how you eat and live.  In this course, you will learn how to feed your whole self while being fully present in each moment.  Eating practices in this course are designed to help you tune into your taste buds for more taste satisfaction, notice and differentiate signals of physical and psychological hunger, as well as the benefits of paying attention to fullness and satiety.  Observing and becoming aware of your bodily sensations, thoughts and feelings while eating helps you understand your motivations and obstacles to staying healthy.  Insight brings deeper awareness into the roots of your struggle with food and eating… including insights on…

Why do you eat what you eat?  How do you eat? How do you feel after you eat?  Cultivating awareness of your eating habits and instilling more peace and happiness within yourself will transform and heal your relationship with food.

Yoga Nidra   (four weeks or eight weeks)

Yoga Nidra is an ancient non-movement yoga practice which has many components of Mindfulness—on purpose attention to present moment experience with an attitude of non-judgement and kindness, welcoming our experience as it is—while also inviting the body to reconnect with its natural ability to rest and restore. This class will offer yoga nidra in a modern way called iRest to cultivate balance in body, mind, emotions and thoughts, experience deep relaxation and invite a peaceful practice of self-inquiry. Through practice participants will deepen their awareness of and relationship to their inner resource of well-being, intentions and heartfelt desires to promote more purposeful and easeful living.

Mindful Parenting for Stressful Times (four weeks)

Parenting is difficult, stressful, and an important responsibility and can feel overwhelming in times of uncertainty with changes in schedules, daily routines, expectations, and plans. This 4-week class with help you learn how to decrease overwhelm and find calm in the midst of chaos. Practicing Mindfulness can transform your parenting challenges and support meaningful connection with your children.

Mindfulness Maintenance Group

This is an open group in which Veterans will participate in a 40-minute mindfulness exercise. It is considered “maintenance” because Veterans are expected to have prior experience with mindfulness.

Mindful Self-Compassion Maintenance Group

This is an open group in which Veterans will participate in 60-90 minutes of mindful self-compassion exercises led by Camille Kennard, LCSW. It is considered “maintenance” because Veterans are expected to have prior experience with self-compassion practice.

Snowbird Mindfulness Retreat (on hold)

In collaboration with Wasatch Adaptive Sports, we are excited to announce that we will begin a day-long (8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) mindfulness-based retreat style program at Snowbird Mountain Resort. Space is limited to 10 Veterans per retreat, so sign-up if interested. Transportation (from main VA campus) and food are provided. The day begins in an idyllic setting where Veterans will review and practice the concept of mindfulness. This is followed by a gentle yoga experience. The rest of the day consists of learning and practicing mindful-eating, mindful-savoring, hiking (wheelchair accessible), tram rides, and more!

Please visit the Wasatch Adaptive Sports website to learn more about their programs for Veterans.