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Read about what's happening in our VA Salt Lake City health care community.

Upholding Valor podcast: Equine Therapy

Spiritual healing can be just as important as physical healing. In this week’s Upholding Valor, we look at VA’s Equine Therapy Program and how horses help heal our Veterans.

Woman wearing a cowboy hat next to a horse

Upholding Valor podcast: COVID-19

We are not in the clear. Not by a long shot. In this week’s Upholding Valor two VA providers talk about the delta variant surge, their exhaustion and their fears. They are watching people die that don’t need to.

Screen grab of medical worker in mask

George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center's emergency department achieves new accreditation

The George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center’s Emergency Department achieved the bronze standard— level 3 geriatric emergency department (GED) accreditation from the American College of Emergency Physicians.

George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center

Upholding Valor podcast: Afghanistan and 9/11

Two Veterans from two wars describe their emotions surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9/11 coinciding with the end of the 20-year war in Afghanistan. Their candor and vulnerability is both heartbreaking, yet inspiring as we present one of our more powerful episodes of Upholding Valor.

Military planes on a runway

Get your flu shot

It's flu season, and it’s now more important than ever to get the flu shot as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hands holding up a sign that says Get your flu shot

Upholding Valor podcast: Fisher House

Fisher House is a home away from home for Veterans’ families. They experience comfort in numbers and compassion in complete strangers bound together by extraordinary circumstances. In this week’s Upholding Valor – this is the Fisher House story.

Fisher House

Upholding Valor podcast: Weight management

The VA Salt Lake City Healthcare System goes beyond traditional healthcare to improve the lives of Veterans. In this episode of Upholding Valor a Veteran talks about his weight loss transformation and his journey to peace of mind, body and soul.

Screen grab showing scale and apple

Immunocompromised Veterans already receiving third dose of COVID vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended on Aug. 13 a third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for immunocompromised Americans. It has now expanded that recommendation to all Americans, who received either of those vaccines.

A Veteran receives a COVID-19 vaccination from a VA health care worker

Upholding Valor podcast: Volunteer Service

VA always needs good volunteers to better serve our Veterans. We need you! Want to serve your country’s heroes? Find out how in this episode of Upholding Valor.

Upholding Valor podcast - Volunteer Services

Resources for Veterans struggling with events in Afghanistan

Our whole community aches as we watch the news out of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Campaign medal and ribbon