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Stay Quit Smoking App Study

Researchers at the Substance Abuse Clinic at the San Francisco VA Medical Center, UCSF, and the National Center for PTSD are looking at how the use of a phone application called "Stay Quit Coach" affects a person's engagement and attendance in a treatment program for smokers with PTSD. Researchers are also trying to find out how easy the application is to access and use.


The PTSD Research Program is looking for Veterans:

  • Ages 18-69.
  • Who have had symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Who have a smartphone.
  • Who want to quit smoking.

Getting Started

Potential candidates will be asked some questions over the phone, and if there is a potential match for the study, candidates will be invited to participate in a screening interview.

The Study

After completing the screening interview, participants will participate in 11 treatment visits, use a mobile smartphone app, and answer questions about themselves and the app. Participants will be compensated for up to $240 for participating.

Contact Us

For more information, please call principal investigator Ellen Herbst, MD, at 415-221-4810, ext. 2-3097 or 4-4926, or email her at; or contact Benjamin Dickter at

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