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Guiding Principles

Responsibilities of the Web Governance Board shall include:

  • Establish and implement “One Department; One Web” concept
  • Determine web policy, standards and guidance
  • Crisis and emergency response web coordination
  • Foster web-based delivery of Department services
  • Enhance efficiency through cross-department synergy
  • Foster communication across web Community
  • Recommend enterprise applications
  • Implement enterprise applications
  • Create and disseminate base of shared knowledge
  • Foster consistent web presence
  • Establish website inventory
  • Advise on domain issues
  • Foster establishment of Department-wide web community

Responsibilities of the Representatives for Content shall include:

  • Coordinates content organization
  • Facilitates adherence to policy and standards
  • Identifies strategic content needs

Responsibilities of Web Representatives for Infrastructure shall include:

  • Coordinate implementation of applications
  • Oversees adherence to technical policy and standards
  • Identifies and advises on current and future enterprise-wide application needs
  • Represents Division on Digital Council