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Building and Managing VA Websites

Delivering online information to citizens begins with building great websites and continues with making regular improvements through effective management.  Use the resources below to help make sure your sites deliver the best possible customer service.

Web content/technical leads and managers will use development methods outlined herein already approved by appropriate VA management officials.  Requests for permission to use development methods not already approved will be forwarded to your Web Communications Office (WCO) prior to submission to the Web Governance Board (WGB).  Any questions about whether the method is authorized can be forwarded to your WCO.

Every organization will have procedures to address how their website will be maintained during disasters or emergencies.

Web Requests IconWeb Requests

All new or substantially changed website plans must be approved by your WCO before launch.  More

Mobile IconMobile

Recognizing the need to provide information that is mobile-friendly, VA has been moving toward writing content on websites that keep mobile in mind.  More

Content Management IconContent Management

Content needs to be accurate and relevant to your audience.  You need to write in plain language and format it in a manner that meets your visitors expectations and needs.  More

Technical Management IconTechnical Management

Learn the various technical management issues that exist with web pages and how to address them.  More

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