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Web Requests

Small Web Requests IconIf you are building or redesigning a website, we want to help you make your site great.

New and Redesigned Websites

All new or substantially changed website plans must be approved by your Web Communications Office (WCO) before launch.  Work with your WCO from the beginning to ensure your website meets all VA policies and standards.

Use the intranet-based VA Web Request platform to request the creation of a website, social media site, SharePoint site, an application, or to make significant changes thereof.

  • This requirement also applies to all websites that conduct business on behalf of VA.
  • Significant changes will be processed using the appropriate change control procedure(s) as defined by each administration (Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration, National Cemetery Administration or staff office).  Examples of significant changes include changing technologies; adding a database application or transferring a website to the Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS).  The ECMS is preferred for internet facing websites provided they are hosted by Enterprise Web Infrastructure Support (EWIS).  Mission requirements and hosting locations will dictate the technology or system requirements.  As with any request, as part of their review, the Web Communication’s Office can dictate otherwise.
  • Updating content and/or authorizing routine website maintenance activities are not considered significant changes for VA Web Request purposes.

Be Prepared

Coordinate your web request with your WCO prior to submitting it.

You will need the following information to complete your VA Web Request (

  1. Site location (inter/intranet/both) and desired URL.  Per Office of Management and Budget Memorandum M-17-6 and VA Directive and Handbook 6102, all VA websites must use a domain.
  2. New or existing site and site type.
  3. General purpose.  (For VBA, see M27-1, Part III, Subpart i, Chapter 1, Section 1, Blocks a and b, Website Content Plan.)
  4. Site points of contact (Content, Content Alternate, Content Supervisor, Technical/Developer, Technical/Developer Alternate, Technical/Developer Supervisor, Information Security Officer, Privacy Officer).
  5. Technical information (languages/technologies).
  6. Types of information site will present, retrieve, process, store, and/or transmit (compliance with VA 6500).
  7. Agreement and acceptance with VA 6102 (Certification & Acreditation, VA Handbook 6102, VA Web Developers Guideline, Acceptable Use Agreement).

Once the Web Request form is submitted, it will be forwarded to the appropriate administration or staff office WCO for review/approval.

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