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Small Analytics IconThe Digital Analytics Program (DAP) is the Federal Government’s mandated website analytics initiative and DAP is managed by the General Services Administration (GSA).

Currently, DAP has contracted to use the enterprise version of Google Analytics in order to provide government agencies advanced metrics for public facing websites.

Participating in the Program

Any executive branch federal agency can sign up to use the common Web analytics tool.  Here is how it works:

  • Agency Digital Strategy lead will identify a point-of-contact (POC) who will manage their Web analytics account.
  • GSA will send the agency POC a short, sign-up form to register their agency and work with them to implement the common page tag code.
  • GSA will provide implementation support, access to training, and other resources to agency POCs.

You can view the most common questions about the program and learn more about incorporating the Digital Analytics Tool into your current metrics program.

VA Point of Contact

For additional information and access related questions, please contact the VA DAP Administrative POC.

Adding the Script for Google Analytics

Currently, all public facing websites that use the VA Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) have the necessary script included.

If you are a website owner and your website does not use the ECMS, you are responsible for implementing the code yourself.  There are two ways to add the script:

  • DAP Hosted, Secure Source
    The DAP program provides a centrally hosted version of the script that will be updated automatically.  This is the preferred method.
    <script src=";agency=VA"></script>
  • Self-Hosted
    Alternatively, you can download the code from the GSA GitHub Repository and host it within your own website.  You or your developers will be responsible for keeping it current.

Accessing Google Analytics

As a VA employee or contractor with a email address, you may access the VA’s account within the DAP implementation of Google Analytics.  To establish an account and to gain access please send an email to

If you have additional access related questions, please contact the VA DAP Administrative POC.


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