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Web Managers are encouraged to use VA’s official blog (VAntage Point).

Blogs will be on a domain or other VA approved .gov domains considered official VA websites.

Blogs will align to VA’s mission and be relevant to current issues and events as determined by appropriate VA management officials.

Blogs must contain postings within the last 30 days or they are subject to removal.

Blogs must be reviewed by designated blog managers and appropriate public affairs officials to ensure content does not undermine, counter, or contradict VA’s official position on any issue.

Blog managers will not redact or edit parts of blog comments.  All of the content from a blog comment must be posted, or none of the content may be posted.  No comment can be posted if it contains excessive inflammatory or defamatory remarks, profanity, personal or sensitive data, language which may be construed as a threat, or inappropriate links.

If the submission field for comments or any other required fields ask for an e-mail address, name, or other personal identifying information, appropriate permissions to gather personal information from public individuals must be obtained from the Office of Management and Budget, and all privacy and forms requirements must be met.

Blogs will contain the following “Leave a Reply” statement:  This blog is governed by the general rules of respectful civil discourse and is used only to post commentary on this topic.  It may not be used to submit requests for customer service; requests for customer service must be made at Ask VA.  Please do not submit any personal sensitive information in your submission since this mechanism is not secure.  VA will review the content of all commentary and will not post any content that is not relevant to the topic of the blog or contains inflammatory or defamatory remarks, profanity, personal or sensitive data, language that is or may be construed to be a threat, or containing links to information on non-VA websites that is deemed by VA not to be useful or relevant.  Any commentary that indicates illegal activity or a violation of law will be turned over to VA authorities for appropriate action.

Blogs that are relevant to the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) programs or written by VBA employees, should be submitted to the VBA Web Communications Office for review and any editing, if applicable.  The proposed blogs can be emailed to VBA Web Communications Office.  The VBA Web Communications Office will submit the blog to OPIA’s office of Digital Media Engagement for final editing and approval prior to publication.

When using VAntage Point, remember…

  • Utilize the VAntage Point Blog Style Guide.
  • Blog posts sometimes generate questions.  Please specify a Subject Matter Expert that can be contacted when your story is posted.
  • Blog posts sometimes generate negative comments that may be hurtful, offensive or rude toward you or the people in your posting.  All blog post authors and people featured in story should be prepared for this.
  • People interviewed for stories sometimes regret seeing their personal information or past issues in print, displayed before the world.  It may affect relationships with family or friends.  Anyone featured in a story needs to understand this information will be available publicly to a wide audience.
  • All indviduals featured in a Blog, should sign an authorization for the use of the interview materials and photos