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Style Guide

The VA Style Guide, provides a consistent look and feel across all VA websites.

This provides a seamless online experience for VA customers who are potentially traveling across multiple Administrations and Offices during their online sessions.  Websites must also follow direction provided in the VA Graphic Standards Guide.  Adherence to these Web Standards and Styles is a priority for the Secretary’s “One VA” vision, and assists with the objectives for accomplishing that vision.

Every VA website contributes to the user’s perception of the Department.  To ensure a unified web presence, all official VA websites and webages will appear visually related to help reinforce the VA’s brand identity.  As part of a branding strategy, it is expected that all VA branded websites will adopt the standards and style elements outlined on this website and in related documents. Design System

For new pages and content moving into the relaunched, please refer to the Design System. The content style guide and front-end framework, Formation, include guidance, standards, and tools to help teams build a consistent, intuitive, and Veteran-centered experience across

All public facing websites must use the content style guide as the foundation for content creation.


The common look and feel will be applied to all public-facing websites and applications.  If your website or application is accessible outside of the VA internal network, then that website or application must adhere to the guidelines outlined on this website and in related documents unless otherwise approved regardless of where it is hosted.

Waivers may be approved on rare circumstances when justified and approved. 

VA websites will…
  • Share common branding attributes such as agency logos, official seals, and other recognized attributes that identify the Department through the look and feel of those pages.
  • Include a date stamp on all web pages to indicate to visitors that the content is current and has been reviewed within the past 12 months.  Documents and files that contain information that will never change are exempt from this requirement and shall be placed in specifically marked folders identified as historical and/or archival.  All other documents will have dates no greater than one year old.
  • Display “U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs” at the top of VA web pages to ensure visitors know they are within the VA web environment.
  • Conform to the World Wide Web Consortium of specifications and standards.
  • Include the mandatory header, mega menu, and footer elements and hyperlinks identified in the templates.
Official VA seal