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Web Disclosure

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PURPOSE: The privacy of all individuals involved in human subject research at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS) must be protected. It is the principal investigator’s responsibility to ensure that protected health information and other confidential information collected and as part of a research protocol is disclosed to outside entities according to VA regulations and procedures. The STVHCS is required to keep an accurate accounting for each disclosure of a record to an outside entity, and must have the capability to provide a VA subject with a summary of the accounting that pertains to disclosure of his/her information. The PI, or his/her research staff, must provide the necessary information to enable the STVHCS to maintain an accounting of disclosures.

PROCEDURE: The Principal Investigator, or his/her research staff, must enable an accounting of disclosures of private information by entering the necessary information into a web-based database. Note that a paper format of the web-based database should be used to maintain an accounting of disclosures at any time the webpage is not functional (e.g. maintenance, the network is down). The Accounting of Disclosures paper form or web-based database will be reviewed by the Privacy Officer or his/her designee.

CONTACT: Michele Ferris in the Research Office (210) 617-5300 x14837 for any questions.

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