About the OIG Hotline

The OIG Hotline receives, screens, and refers OIG mission-related complaints within VA. Cases are accepted on a select basis regarding issues having the most potential risk to veterans, VA programs and operations, or for which the OIG may be the only avenue of redress.

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Download the Hotline Poster

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Other Contact Resources

E-Mail: vaoighotline@va.gov

1 (800) 488-8244
[9:00am–4:00pm Eastern Time Monday–Friday excluding Federal holidays]

Note: Individuals calling from Puerto Rico may encounter difficulties when calling the Hotline 1-800 number. Connection problems may be alleviated by using a landline instead of a cell phone.

FAX:  (202) 495-5861

VA Inspector General Hotline (53E)
810 Vermont Ave., NW