NCHAV Fellowship Program

We are accepting applications for the fiscal year 2023-2024 NCHAV Fellowship Program, an opportunity to work with NCHAV and operational partners and VA medical centers around the country on cutting edge research on Veteran homelessness. The program is open to clinicians or non-clinicians with a doctoral degree or who have completed all requirements toward a doctoral degree from an accredited institution. For more information, please see our brochure and/or contact Jack Tsai, PhD, NCHAV Research Director at

Recruiting for the Homeless Veterans Research Engagement Panel

The Homeless Veterans Research Engagement Panel (HV-REP) is made up of Veterans with lived experience of homelessness who collaborate with NCHAV-affiliated researchers to improve research related to Veterans health, housing and services. The panel promotes Veteran-centered research by providing feedback on new and ongoing research and evaluation projects and advice on the use of study results to benefit Veterans. HV-REP meetings take place virtually by conference call on a quarterly basis. For more information contact our Research Coordinator, and/or complete the HV-REP Application.