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VHA Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VHA VR)

We can help you reach your job and career goals with one-on-one employment support and vocational counseling. VHA Vocational Rehabilitation Service programs are recovery-oriented services and offer a continuum of vocational, educational, training and employment, and therapeutic work services. These services include skills development and assistance with obtaining and maintaining employment for Veterans for whom the primary objective is meaningful competitive employment.


The mission of VHA VR is to provide high quality vocational rehabilitation services to all Veterans living with mental illness or physical impairment with barriers to employment and who want to secure and maintain meaningful community based competitive employment that fosters self-esteem, dignity, respect, and independence.


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Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) Programs

CWT-TW: The Transitional Work Program provides preemployment vocational rehabilitation for Veterans through a combination of work experiences and therapy focused on that work experience. Work assignments are limited, and the goal is for the Veteran to become competitively employed before graduating from the program. This program is for Veterans who desire permanent employment, but who have barriers to employment, unable to obtain and/or maintain employment, and who would benefit from short-term work readiness training.

CWT-CBES: The Community Based Employment Services Program provides a variety of community-based employment supports with a goal of direct placement in competitive employment. This program is for Veterans who have a history of sporadic employment, difficulty maintaining a job, difficulty initiating and following through in their job search, or are unable to obtain employment independently and desire immediate competitive employment.

CWT-SE: The Supported Employment Program is an evidence-based practice program that provides services to Veterans living with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) or Veterans who have a primary or secondary diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) who require intensive ongoing support services. This program is for Veterans with significant barriers to employment due to the severity of their disabilities, who would not be able to function independently in employment without intensive, ongoing support.

CWT-SEd: The Supported Education Program facilitates the attainment of educational goals by providing assistance to Veterans to successfully pursue post-secondary education/training. This program is for Veterans who are engaged in education and training programs and would benefit from individualized clinical support throughout their education process.

CWT-SSE: The Supported Self Employment Program assists Veterans in achieving successful self-employment by providing guidance and assistance with resources which can assist the Veteran. This program is for Veterans who indicate an interest or have a background in self-employment.

Additional Services:

Educational Assistance: This service provides Veterans with educational resources information to include accessing and making sense of benefits information. This service is for Veterans who need only minimal assistance with accessing educational programs and benefits.

Vocational Assistance: This service provides Veterans with resume assistance, USAJOBS assistance, application assistance, and mock interviews. This service is for Veterans who need only minimal assistance with job searches and becoming interview ready to return to competitive employment.

Job Club: This is a class where Veterans learn about different career options, overcoming barriers to employment, job seeking strategies, and improving self-esteem. Guest speakers include employers that are currently hiring in Alaska. Veterans can attend Job Club on Mondays at 0930 (Veterans who are not Domiciliary residents can join via WebEx), and Tuesdays at 1100 in person at the Wasilla Vet Center or via WebEx.