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Photo of Patient evaluation room
Evaluation room at the James E. Van Zandt Pain Management Clinic. Photo by: Christopher Lemke

The medical practitioners at the James E. Van Zandt Pain Management Clinic make it a priority to assist Veterans in dealing with chronic pain. With a clear understanding of all the factors involved, the pain management team can tailor treatments to each Veterans specific needs.

The Pain Management Clinic offers treatment plans to assist Veterans in reducing pain medications. Additionally, they use whole health approaches such as acupuncture, physical therapy, aqua-therapy among others that serve as a compliment to traditional pain management treatments. With collaborations with the local community and Pittsburgh VA Medical Center other treatments such as personal TENs or H-Wave units that can be prescribed and used by the Veteran at home, or any time the Veteran might need. 

Shannon Anderson, License Practical Nurse, assists Veterans in dealing with their chronic pain issues. “Anyone with chronic pain or pain issues can come to the pain clinic for an evaluation so we can see what we can do for you.” said Anderson 

For some Veterans, chronic pain is managed by medications such as opioids. These may have long-term side effects that can detract from the Veterans’ overall wellbeing. When a Veteran first comes to the Pain Management Clinic, they will discuss their treatment plan with a highly trained team who are prepared to compliment both medication therapy, and other therapies. 

“I think that we’re very understanding of their situation. We assist every step of the way for our Veterans help themselves to feel better,” said Anderson 

To set up an evaluation appointment and develop a pain management plan, Veterans must speak to their Primary Care team first and receive a consult to the clinic. Staff will call the Veteran and schedule an appointment.

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