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Whole Health wheel with four key principles and 9 elements.
Whole Health wheel shows correlation between the four key principles and nine elements of Whole Health.

Whole Health is VA’s new approach to Veteran healthcare and well-being. Initiatives, found in the program, are making great strides in reducing the use of opioids, anti-anxiety medication, and other therapies that involve controlled substances.

Rooted in four key principles and nine elements, Veterans can develop a plan based on their values, needs, and goals. Through various grant programs and MOVE, Veterans can receive alternative treatments and therapies

The facility made huge strides in shifting from a customer service model to a customer experience model. This new approach allows for more Veteran input which increases their well-being and enables staff to treat several ailments with services like: acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, and massage therapy.  

Warren Tenley, Patient Advocate, who oversees the Whole Health Program, understands the importance of the program, “…In order for a health care system to remain viable, they must have non-traditional resources available to meet the unique needs of their patients,” said Tenley.

With an understanding of the Circle of Health, Veterans can fill out a Personal Health Inventory questionnaire and review the results with their Primary Care team or social workers.

“Whole health is not a thing or a place, it is a health care delivery model that empowers and challenges Veterans to actively participate in their healthcare”, said Tenley.

For more information on Whole Health, speak with your Primary Care team or any VA staff. You can also learn more by clicking here.

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