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Join VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System's Veteran Council

Join VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System's Veteran Council!

VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System (VAAAHS) values your experience as a patient at the LTC Charles S. Kettles VA Medical Center and our Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC). Let your voice be heard and represent your fellow Veteran’s by becoming a member of the VAAAHS Veterans Council (VAVC)!

The Veterans Council comprises a diverse group of Veteran’s who receive care at a facility associated with VAAAHS and are registered members of VAAAHS Voluntary Services. This council of Veterans meets at least 3 times per month to discuss new and old Veteran business and to hear Veteran suggestions for VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

The Vet Council’s main priority is to improve health care services for all Veterans that receive care with VAAAHS, including clinics and off-site locations. The Vet Council does not serve as a platform for individual healthcare matters, nor will address matters concerning the Veterans Benefit Administration.

Two appointed Lead Representatives from the Veteran’s Council will then meet monthly with our Veteran’s Experience Review Committee to discuss this business and how VAAAHS can improve the Veteran experience while receiving health care and related services.

The VAAAHS Veterans Council is led by an elected Lead Veterans Council Representative who has been utilizing VAAAHS services for at least 5 years; 2 elected Veterans who have been utilizing VAAAHS for at least 3 years that support the Lead Council Representative; and Sub-Council Leads that represent each one of VAAAHS CBOC’s and associated offsite locations.

Additionally, all Veterans may join the Veterans Council as Council Members. This membership is open to all Veterans who have received healthcare at one of our facilities in the last 6 months!

We highly encourage all Veteran’s to become involved with VAVC! The Veteran’s Council should represent the diverse population of Veterans that utilize our health care services. Every suggestion, opinion, and comment are extremely valuable to our health care system and guides our team to provide the best health care and experience each time Veterans and their loved ones trust us with their care!

The application period will be open for the next 45 days, or until we receive 50 applications. 

If interested, please contact Josh Yockey at 734-905-2392. If leaving a message with this number, please state that you are calling regarding the Veteran Council.